Digital Media Innovator

About Me

What qualifies me as a unique individual?

Im a Senior at Texas State graduating in December with a BS in Digital Media. Im applying to graduate programs currently. I hope to get into the Hospitality program at Texas Tech. I work for Holiday Club Vacations in Canyon Lake as a Department Trainer for the Activites divison.

I grew up in Canyon Lake, Tx. I attended 5 schools before I graduated and I never moved houses. My freshman year of college I attended Schreiner University in Kerrville, Tx. Quickly decided that wasn't the place for me and moved to San Marcos, Texas to continue my education at Texas State the next fall. I have changed my major three times before landing in the Communications department. My minor is theater but I focused on film courses so throughout my college career Ive written 3 short films, filmed 3 of my own pieces, and helped on many other projects.

Im really into photography and puppies. I have a photography business by the name of RSLPhotos. I help people recieve quality, professional photos at a reasonable rate.

Fun facts: Im left handed; yes I frequently have smuges on my hand. This is not a left handed world! I also used to fly with a stunt pilot for Garmin. I have never broken a bone but I have dislocated my shoulder twice when fighting in different martial arts tournaments when I was younger and way cooler. You know back before 40 hours a week was filled with a fulltime job, and another 15 hours a week is filled with an education, and somewhere theres time for food and sleep!

I can't have a pet right now. So 10/10 I hangout with my friends so I can sit on their floors and be loved on by a dog! Im not ashamed to say that either! You can ask any of my friends I will stay on the floor instead of sitting in furniture. If you don't believe me I have references! Just ask!