Rachel drinking coffee

What do I do when no one is looking?

Drink coffee. I mean a lot of coffee!

but, I really enjoy movies and books!

My Movie Obsession

I've also seen way more movies than I should have. I REALLY love movies. Film brings a period or time to life that you would only be able to imagine otherwise. A story is so important and being able to convey emotion while encapturing visual and auditory senses is just amazing. a well created film takes you out of where ever you are and puts you anywhere else; ie a 1980s cult classic, running through a desert from a mummy, or down the streets of Chiago after a mission from God. I think film created a whole new world. It changed what was possible. How people, connect, educate or entertain.

My Top 10 Favorite Movies:

My movie list is very much a living document. I have seen thousands of movies in my lifetime and it changes as I do. But it is very hard to pass up the classics. I am also very proud at the extent of my personal movie collection! I have Hastings(RIP) to thank for a lot of it! I personally own more than 350 movies. As you notice almost half of my movie list comes out of the 1980s. Im slightly obsessed with the 1980s: The style, music,movies, JOHN HUGHES.

Oh John Hughes.... I should not have brought him up! Like who doesn't want a boy to hold a boombox outside your house, or throw up a fist pump for getting the girl. I'll stop myself there! For Now!


I really am 100 percent passionate about anything that lets me escape from my mundane life. If you have ever been to Canyon Lake you know that it is a very lame place. Just like with movies I am a classic when it comes to books too

My Top 10 Favorite Books:

I love historical and true stories. I think it is incredible the things the human mind and body can overcome and endure. My movie and book list say a lot about me. These stories are personal and close to my heart. When Im sad I read To Kill A Mockingbird and I am reminded of the morals and values I believe in. When I need an added push I read Unbroken or The Things They Carried to remember that so many have given their lives to ensure my abilities and freedoms, it encourages me that Im unstoppable. When I want an escape Through The Lookingglass or Gulliver's Travels allows for me to have a vacation where ever I am.

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