When you grow up, you think of running away the second you turn 18. Growing up in a town where everyone hangs out in the parking-lot of the high school because there is no other place to go offers the question as to why anyone would chose to live where there is so little.

I realized that I had long forgotten what its like to be in a small town. I was reminded what these towns lack in material items like movie theaters and grocery stores; they far exceeds all expectations when it comes to outdoor activities and people.

Ask a Texan about bluebonnets in Spring, Dr.Pepper, BBQ, floating the river, or craft beer and watch how excited they become. Texans even get embarrassingly excited about HEBs. An HEB is a grocery store. But, when I asked 60 Texans what their favorite part about Texas was 63% said HEB.

So what is so appealing about small town culture? And more particularly in Texan towns? Is it the live music, the rivers, endless breweries and wineries, or is it the people that inhabit these places? Im going to explore the allure of the Texas Hill Country. Using Canyon Lake and surrounding areas.

I took a survey asking people what is so grand about the Texas Hill Country? Answers varied from what I mentioned above and others I didn’t think of. Pride. Texans have a lot of pride. There is nothing a Texan loves more than Texas. And Texans love other Texas loving Texans. So naturally a sense of community and family is important to these people.

My Survey had 5 questions with multiple choice answers and 3 questions open-ended. These 3 open-ended questions provided insight to what really matters to these small town Texans. People all over the country took this survey and only three people had never lived in Texas; almost 50% of people have lived in these small towns longer than 15 years. I found that incredible. That response itself begged the question as to why do so many people put down roots here. So that was the question I asked.

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Last Updated: July 7th 2017