Web Design

I learned HTML and CSS while enrolled in Web Design in Summer I 2017. Our first project was to create a personal website for ourselves. It looked a little like what you see below. I couldn't express the frustrations I felt while learning to code. But the same goes for the amount of pride and excitement I felt when I finally got it to work. 

First Webpage

My Second Site

After we learned the basics we were introduced to Bootstrap which definitely helped create a more fluid and functioning site.
My Second Site

The Allure of The Texas Hill Country

My Final Project

This website is fully functioning and I was very proud of what I created. Enabling WordPress was a lifesaver!

Shuttle Solutions

Digital Media Innovations Capstone

Shuttle Solutions

My group and I decided to reinvent the Texas State Shuttle system for our final project. We created a business plan, a mock prototype of our application and finally a website to showcase what we created. It was a long process, but I believe it was a very beneficial experience.

Human Trafficking

Coding and Data Skills

Human Trafficking

My group and I decided to touch on the topic of Human Trafficking for out final project. Using large data sets and creating multiple charts and graphs to tell a compelling story this was the final outcome.


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