Graphic Design

Graphic Examples

I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro because I thought it would be a good skill to have. I had no idea I would pursue it so passionately later in life. Im becoming more familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Indesign because they are so similar to Photoshop. I have gotten to work with several clients to increase my experience and help them pursue their media efforts.

RSL Photos

I use my personal brand to spread motivational graphics with my personal photos on Instagram.

Media Design

Through this course I created several ad campaigns and a 24 page magazine spread. Where I learned typography and styles which I could showcase in my final project.

Advanced Social Media Course

Summer 2017 I took Advanced Social Media which allowed me to work with Career Services at Texas State. With my classmates we created content for them to post throughout the year and increased their engagement on Facebook. Using Facebook analytics we were able to increase engagement by posting during peak hours and encouraged posting graphics because Facebook naturally favors images and videos.